Enterprise Systems: ERP, CRM, and CMS

Enterprise systems can increase Information flow firm-wide, create a more uniform organizational culture, help elevate your business operations and perfect your customer’s experience. Wimmer Solutions will work with you to assess your current systems and architecture in place and help you bridge the gaps and implement the right solutions for your needs.

Communicate critical information and establish procedures across your firm

Benefits of working with us

Communicate Firm-wide
Reduce Your Cost
Improve Quality
Establish A Uniform Culture

Share critical information quickly, enabling employees to make better decisions at the right time

Reduce cost in transaction processing, hardware, software, and IT Support staff with clean systems set-up and established internal procedures

Improve the quality and efficiency of customer service, production and distribution by integrating the company’s internal business processes in sales, finance, production, custom logistics, etc.

Help to create a more uniform organizational culture where everyone uses similar type of processes and information to do business

Our Services

SAP, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Adobe Experience Manager

Set up your business for success and gain the competitive edge with the implementation of the right intelligent business applications for your organization. Wimmer’s experts will help you install systems that can help you manage…

  • Operations (Sales, Production, Logistics, & Quality Mgmt)
  • Financials (Accounting, Financial Supply chain)
  • Human Capital Management (Payroll, training, recruiting)
  • Corporate (Health & Safety, Environment, travel mgmt.)
Enterprise Data Analysis & Analytics

Manage your business’s data better and put it to work for your company. We can help you craft a digital environment that will allow your business to...

  • Help set priorities with existing data sources
  • Rationalize logical and physical data architecture
  • Improve the effectiveness of data quality processes
  • Avoids the burden (and hardware/storage costs) of unnecessary data
DevOps, Compliance & Governance, GDPR

Increase your organization's ability to deliver products and services at high velocity. Wimmer Solution can help you set up your business’s digital framework to...

  • Establish policies & procedures to identify overall performance
  • Follow governmental regulations
  • Align IT with business objectives
  • Gain consistent cohesion departmentally
Improve your Digital Environment
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Enterprise Platforms

Use your platform, or one of our preferred cloud technology platforms

Manage what you want, outsource what you don't

Wimmer Solutions will take a partnership approach to finding out what works best for your business. We can help you sort your company systems to handle items in house or outsource them for additional benefits.

operating system
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Engaging with Wimmer Solutions is simple

1. Schedule a consultation

2. Customize your action plan

3. Advance your business

Wimmer takes the time to understand your unique business environment and craft a solution that fits your needs.

Talk To An Expert

We will provide options so you can choose the approach that best serves your business needs and future goals.

Once work is complete, rest assured that you have the ongoing resources you need to get the most out of your new systems.

Your business deserves the expertise it needs to win. Schedule a 30 minute consultation today.

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