DataOps: Modeling, Business Intelligence and Reporting

Many organizations leave major data insights on the table. Our expertise in DataOps allows your company to improve the quality and reduce cycle time of data analytics. Our team assembles many data technologies and practices into an integrated environment that will enable you to grow and manage your business to its fullest potential.

Enhance your analytics and govern your data.

Benefits of working with us

Leverage DataOps
Better Business Insights
Improve operations
Empower Employees

Take advantage of our broad set of DataOps capabilities and integrate them quickly into applications to accelerate your innovation.

Get a single, trusted 360 view of data and enable users to know their business better through insightful data handling.

Transform large amounts of raw data into quality, consumable information that fuels company decisions.

Smoothly handle data while making it available across your entire organization to empower employees in real time.

Our Services

Data Modeling

See how your data can and should flow to positively influence your business decisions. Our data modeling shows the way forward in...

  • Data governance
  • Date integration
  • Master data management
  • data preparation
Business Intelligence

Run your business with decisions driven by your data. Improved quality and management can highlight...

  • Pipeline efficiency / inefficiency
  • Organizational interrelationships
  • Data integrity
  • Data availability
Reporting Data Insights

Get the most out of your data. Our experts craft your report to...

  • Define management of critical data
  • Provide a single, trusted, 360-degree view of your data
  • Shows analytical graph-based exploration
  • Transform raw data into quality, consumable information
Utilize Your Data Insights
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The DataOps Advantage

5 critical ways that your business can benefit from our DataOps services

1. Reduce Toil

2. Better Quality Data

3. Faster Access to Action

4. See the bigger picture

5. Company Enhancement

Increase efficiency with automation and process-orientated methodologies baked right into DataOps’ analytics pipeline.
Automated, repeated processes and controlled data handling reduce error and result in better data quality.
Reducing toil and improving better data quality lead directly to actionable intelligence. Get your information instantly with proven processes
Beyond critical day-to-day insights, see an aggregated view over time of your data’s flow, across the organization and to end users, helping your business identify areas of growth or inhibitors.
With our solutions, many repetitive and monotonous tasks can be automated. This frees up users to concentrate on more exciting and fast-moving items aimed at achieving the company’s primary goals.
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Put your data to work with Wimmer Solutions.

See what systems we cover with automation, quality, and governance.

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